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I am honored to share the healing powers of Reiki with youeither in person or at a distance.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art that emerged from Japan in the early 20th century--although some say it dates as far back as the ancient civilizations of Mu and Atlantis.

It promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and healing through the laying on of hands. The practitioner serves as a channel, allowing Reiki energy (or universal life force) to flow through his or her hands into the client.

Because energy is non-local, the healing effect of Reiki can be equally powerful at a distance. Reiki symbols and intention are used to create an energetic bridge between practitioner and client, no matter where in the world they're located.

The Usui Tradition

I was attuned as a Reiki level I and II Practitioner in the Usui tradition. Dr. Mikao Usui was initiated to the healing power of Reiki in India and Egypt and brought the practice to Japan, where he taught it to a select number of students he deemed worthy. He developed a teaching method, created the Usui Reiki Ryoko Gakkai Healing Society, and opened a clinic in Tokyo. Of his more than two thousand students, a few became "Shinpiden" (Masters), including Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who then created his own Reiki clinic in Tokyo. Originally, women were not deemed worthy of being initiated into Reiki, but Dr. Hayashi taught many studentsamong them, eventually, the woman who brought Reiki to the West, Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

Thanks to Mrs. Takata's persistence to become a Shinpiden as a woman in a patriarchal system and her determination to share this healing art widely, Reiki is now well known around the globe. More and more people, including medical doctors, are benefiting from and acknowledging its amazing healing power.

I received my attunements from my Reiki Master, Geneviève Vulser, who received hers from Reiki Master Terry Attwood, who, in turn, received her first degree attunement directly from Mrs. Hawayo Takata during one of her trips to California in 1980. In Reiki, the unbroken line of energy transfer leading back to Dr. Usui is an important and necessary part of the system. As such, I feel honored to be able to transmit the Reiki energies in direct line.


My Reiki Master also happens to be my amazing mom. She's been practicing Reiki for over two decades, and I've often been the blessed recipient of her healing gifts over the years and witnessed the impact they had on othersbut it's only recently that I've felt the calling to become, myself, attuned as a Reiki Practitioner. Ever since my attunements, I've noticed a vast increase in the energy transmitted through my hands whenever I do healing work, and I've seen astounding results that have inspired me to share this gift with more people. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Reiki Principles

Dr. Mikao Usui recognized that Reiki is not only a healing art but a way of life and offered the following 5 Principles of Reiki live by:

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honor your parents, children, teachers and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to everything.

What to expect from a Reiki treatment

I offer Reiki both in person and at a distance; on its own, or in combination with spiritual coaching.


In-person Reiki


For in-person sessions, we’ll start by talking briefly about what issues (physical, emotional, or spiritual) you’d like to shift and cover any relevant aspects of your health history and life circumstances. Then we’ll have you lie on a massage table (fully clothed) and relax while I connect with my spirit guides and invoke the Reiki energies. During the treatment, I act as a channel and allow healing energy to flow through my hands into your body. Your body then directs that energy to wherever it is needed. 


I’ll rest my hands lightly over different parts of your body, most often beginning at the head and ending at the feet. There is a protocol of hand positions, but I also let my intuition guide me to determine hand positions and placement, so the treatment may be different from one session and one person to the next. There may be gentle manipulation (sweeping, kneading, or light massage of your body). If you feel uncomfortable with touchin general, or only in certain areas of your bodyI can switch to the floating hands method, where my hands hover a few inches above the body. This is equally as effective as the hands-on method, and I can adjust to your comfort level at any time during the treatment.


Oftentimes, I’ll receive messages from your body or from your spirit guides, deceased loved ones, or pets during the treatment. At the conclusion, I'll first inquire about your experience, any physical sensations or emotions that surfaced, and any other feedback. Then I’ll share any messages I received for you and what I picked up from your body. 


Before I send you home, we’ll jointly set the intention for the healing Reiki energies to continue to work for you beyond our session, and we’ll decide on when to work together next. I may also give you some “homework” assignments (aka invitations) that could include journaling on a particular topic, connecting with a certain aspect of yourself, taking time out to be playful, or spending time in nature.

Distant Reiki


Remote sessions are very similar to in-person sessions in their structure, except that we’ll do our initial check-in over the phone or via video conferencing call (your choice), and then I’ll leave you to relax and receive the healing energies while I work on you at a distance. I go through the same hand positions as if you were in the room with me, and the energy I feel is just as potent. My patients have reported instant shifts, e.g. their back pain decreasing dramatically or clogged sinuses opening. Sometimes they feel like they're receiving a gentle massage in the area I'm focusing on. After approximately 25-30 minutes of energy work, we'll talk on the phone or connect via video again, you'll share your experience, and I'll give you my feedback and pass on the messages I’ve received for you. I’ve been blown away, again and again, that the effects of remote healing can be just as powerful as working with someone in person, no matter where we both are in the world.

Reiki Boost (distant only)


I offer a 25-minute Reiki boost option to provide additional support between full sessions. The Reiki boost does not include the discussion that accompanies a regular session. Instead, I simply spend 25 minutes sending you focused Reiki energy to help you through physical, mental, or emotional challenges. For optimal benefit, I recommend you sit or lie down in a comfortable position and open to receiving during our scheduled time. However, if you're busy (e.g. traveling or working), your body will still receive the energy even as you're going about your life.


Spiritual Coaching/Reiki combo


This combo can be done in person or remotely and involves more time to discuss challenges in your life (e.g. relationship issues, job changes, any kinds of transitions or uncertainty, or feeling stuck, not knowing how to move forward). While it may be ever so tempting to seek advice from an outsider, my goal is always to help you access your own inner guidance. This may involve simply providing space for you to feel fully heard and seen as you deconstruct your current challenges and view them in a different light, or helping you connect to guidance from your spiritual support team. I may also draw cards for you from oracle or tarot decks to provide additional insight and clarity. We’ll conclude the session with the Reiki treatment to help your body integrate the guidance that’s come through and anchor it in at a cellular level.

Reiki for pets

Animals love Reiki and respond to energy very quickly. At this point, I offer distant Reiki treatments only for animals. You can schedule a regular distant Reiki session just like you would for yourself, and I'll work on your pet instead and pass along any messages I receive for or from your beloved animal. Because animals are very connected to their humans, the session may also benefit you indirectly. Conversely, doing your own healing work can have a beneficial impact on your pet, as animals tend to absorb their humans' stress.

Disclaimer: Reiki is not intended as a substitute for medical care, and I am not a medical doctor. By engaging in Reiki treatment, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, which includes seeking medical care if needed. Reiki is not meant to treat or diagnose, but rather to assist your body in its own self-healing process. Your body already knows how to healReiki simply acts as a catalyst for movement and awakening.

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